Bug #235

Tracker player hangs on complex mod files.

Added by Brian Flanagan over 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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Try loading Dreamer's black_queen.mod file. (Not my style, but great for testing because of its complexity. We could try to repair it, or perhaps we should consider a different JavaScript player that is already more reliable. There are several open source players available that do not have this problem.

You can download the black_queen.mod track for testing here (Click on "Download" after you get there.):

I put that that modfile: black_queen.mod in the AMOSPro_Examples:Music folder in the default resources for testing. The following code will load and start to play the music, but it hangs after the first couple of bars.

Cls 0 : Pen 2 : Paper 0
Track Load "AMOSPro_Examples:Music/black_queen.mod",6
Print "Click mouse button to start music."
Print "Click again to exit AOZ." : Print
Print "(Track will play until window closed.)"
Repeat Until Mouse Key <> 0
Repeat Until Mouse Key = 0
Track Play 6,0
Repeat Until Mouse Key <> 0

These open source players work:

Bassoon Tracker: (the nicest one I've seen)

The player at the which is based on libopenmpt and chiptune2.js also works fine.
Go to the link I gave for downloading the track, and instead of clicking "Download", click "Play with Online Player"


This one stutters a little at the beginning, but at least it doesn't hang like AOZ's or's.
These hang on complex tracker files, just like AOZ's current tracker player.

NOT Tested:
Playing Fastracker 2.XM files in JavaScript:
Amiga .mod player using JavaScript and latest JavaScript APIs:

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