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AOZ Studio Beta Manager no-feature 02/15/2020



11:22 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #709 (Resolved): AOZ Messages window needs text copy capability.
In the Console of the AOZ Editor, you can select a text and copy it with right-click->Copy. Baptiste Bideaux


04:43 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #644 (Resolved): Settings are being ignored. (Autocomplete doesn't include auto-parentheses, quotes, etc.)
Fixed! Baptiste Bideaux
03:58 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #767 (Rejected): Labels and line numbers can't be referenced from a Gosub inside a Procedure or Function.
No jumps is allowed with Goto, Gosub from a procedure in AOZ. A procedure is a part of code that should works out of ... Baptiste Bideaux
11:28 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #966 (Resolved): Track Volume command fails with an Internal Error
Baptiste Bideaux
11:11 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #960 (Resolved): Sometimes AOZ gets stuck running the PREVIOUS program transpiled.
Baptiste Bideaux


11:57 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #915 (Resolved): .aozip if open in aoz ide, opens and unzips into downloads folder not aoz applications
Fixed! Now the AOZIP extracts into the "My Applications" folder. Baptiste Bideaux


11:51 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #858 (Resolved): Play Audio sometimes playing the wrong audio in the internal player
The Load Asset command detects if a file already uses the reference given as an argument and does not perform the sec... Baptiste Bideaux


10:33 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #734 (Resolved): Load Asset can no longer find files on the AOZ Drive. Now makes AOZ freeze.
Baptiste Bideaux
10:10 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #701 (Resolved): The "Hello world!" program should NOT come up every time a new program is created.
Baptiste Bideaux
10:05 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #684 (Resolved): Only the arrow keys are taken into account with Control$="Keyboard" (for Actor)
Baptiste Bideaux

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