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07:19 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #508 (Feedback): Issue with Atom text cursor
When I get a runtime error in the AOZ viewer (eg image not defined), when returning to the ATOM editor the text curso... Nick Morison


04:42 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #427 (Feedback): Rainbows are too dark
The below code (from page 140 of the original Amos manual) draws a red rainbow on screen:
Set rainbow 0,1,64,"(8,2...
Nick Morison


10:52 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #361 (Feedback): Rain Command - Illegal function call
The below code generates an illegal function call at the Rain command:
Nick Morison


11:12 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #355 (Resolved): Amal XS() & YS() report Nan
The below code prints NaN for both variable (tested the same code on Amos and it prints the screen coords of the mous... Nick Morison


10:31 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #148 (Closed): Variable in procedure "Undefined"
In the below the output prints "Undefined" in Aoz, whereas it should just print 0 (as it does in Amos). If you remove... Nick Morison


11:31 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #147 (New): Ink parameter not working on Text command
On Amos the below code draws Red text on a white background, however it just draws the text in Red on Aoz, with no wh... Nick Morison
12:54 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #138 (Closed): Dir - dir$ errors
In the below the loadiff finds the logo file fine and displays it, however when trying to do a directory of the "driv... Nick Morison


11:05 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #135 (Closed): Dual Playfield not working
in in the below code only the circles can be seen on Aoz, the bars on screen 1 can't be seen (tested this code on Amo... Nick Morison
12:42 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #71: Rainbow Colours
Colours seem to be working fine now :) Nick Morison
11:56 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #130 (New): Limit Mouse
Limit Mouse compiles but has no effect on the mouse pointer, as in the below code (it may not have been implemented y... Nick Morison

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