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Not playing .mp3 and .mp4 now apple mobile & tablet, desktop ok

Added by malcolm harvey over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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In regard to this ticket below (problem on apple). (mobiles & tablets) IOS16.
Apple desktops Mac osx work fine Monterey .mp3 & .mp4 in Safari or Chrome etc.👌
Apple mobile IOS 16 Phone and IOS 16 Tablet, now .mp3 & .mp4 yes fails to load in any browser.🧐
ie: If you run this same code, it get to the first part, Print "Initializing song..." and then that's it.
Wont yes load a .mp3 now or this asset. Halts. (Apple Ipad or Iphone). .mp3 🙅
Wont yes load a .mp4 now or this asset. Halts. (Apple Ipad or Iphone). .mp4🙅
Ive included aozip as well to test. (Same as code below). Yar, something diff there.
The same problem occurs as .mp4 or .mp3 eventually it gives up in aoz and comes up with the error, .mp3 or .mp4 not found but it takes quite a while of waiting trying to play either the audio or the video. (Its a bogus aoz message though as its just because it won't start).
Note: From what I can see, there may be problems with IOS 16 which was not there is 14&15 that has changed.
If its a Apple bug then hopefully an Apple fix it in update. Not sure what has changed.
(AMOS code for testing). Also .aozip attached.

Print "Initializing song..."
Load Asset "100.mp3","song0"
Print "Loaded asset"
Play Audio "song0"
Print "Playing Song"
Audio Loop On "song0"
Volume Audio "song0", 100
print "Loop and Vol set"
print "Press a key..."
wait key

//Testing here not required..
Put Key chr$(13)
Put Key chr$(10)
print chr$(13)
print chr$(10)

Print "Waiting to stop..."
wait key
wait key
Stop Audio "song0"

Also these are the missing audio formats / ext's as well aoz needs to add when possible. (.aac/.flac/.m4a).
This should then help alot with apple ppl. See attached. (Really need these for V1 Rel).


missing audio formats.png (6.33 KB) missing audio formats.png malcolm harvey, 11/12/2022 10:39 PM
My_Audio_app.aozip (20 MB) My_Audio_app.aozip malcolm harvey, 11/12/2022 10:39 PM
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Updated by malcolm harvey over 1 year ago

The 3 audio formats have now been added in for the new version U40.
So this part is done. I'll leave the ticket open for the .mp3/.mp4 issue for now. (Mobile browsers).

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Updated by malcolm harvey over 1 year ago

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U43. Ok we now have aac/.flac/.m4a added, and it can play those formats now on ipad fine.
Also .mp3 plays as well ipad, including .mp4 video also works now in safari/chrome etc.
Note: For whatever reason tho (on a separate issue), iphones still refuse to load using load asset, aac/.flac/.m4a audio files they just hang trying to load them, it was a similar issue originally with ipads but that was corrected. Oddly enough, both the ipad and iphone run 16.4 os now, but there must be something different with the iphone stopping it loading those files.
Ill close this ticket tho for now and create another one for the iphone alone now.


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