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Amiga Commands which have NOT been implemented should NOT crash AOZ or cause syntax errors.

Added by Brian Flanagan about 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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They should either be ignored, or display the error "Instruction THIS_INST not implemented" or
"Function THIS_FUNC not implemented". The behavior should be selectable via "Settings" or via a tag.
In any case, they should never cause syntax errors or transpiler crashes.

Those who may want to Ignore the unimplemented commands would likely be those who are either porting AMOS Pro programs to AOZ, or who want to export AOZ programs to the Amiga.

(It's difficult to determine how long this would take, since there are quite a few un-implemented commands!)

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Updated by David Baldwin about 3 years ago

Examples? As far as I know, most non-implemented commands just have a blank function or instruction entry in languages so they are ignored.

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Updated by Brian Flanagan about 3 years ago

This is LOW priority...
With that said, yes, many of the commands are ignored, but there are also many exceptions.

I have gone through those starting with A - D:

Bgrab                                 Syntax error
Bsend                                 Syntax error
=Bstart(bn)                           Syntax error AND non-dimensioned array error.
Close Editor                          Illegal function call.  (because Command Not recognized)
=Command Line$                        Syntax error
Cop Wait x,y                          Syntax error 
Cop Wait x,y,xmask,ymask              Syntax error
Def FN FuncName(FuncParam)=fun        Syntax error 
Del Bob bNum                          Internal error
Del Icon iNum                         Internal error 
Del Sprite sNum                       Internal error 
Del Wave wNum                         Internal error 
=Dev Base(channel)                    Syntax error
Dev Open chan,"dev",iolen,unit,Flags$ Syntax error/type mismatch
=Dialog Box(db$)                      Syntax error 
=Dialog Box(db$,v,p$,x,y)             Syntax error
Dialog Open c,I$,n,b                  Type mismatch (The simple form is ignored as it should be.)
=Dialog Run(c,I$,x,y)                 Type mismatch (The simple form is ignored as it should be.) 
Dir/W                                 Syntax error
Direct                                Stops AOZ code from running.  We *should* just make this open Direct Mode.
Disc Info(path$)                      Causes File not found when used with "assign" (path$="application:")  
                                      NOTE: Works with filename.  (path$="info.txt")
                                      Also NOTE:  Dir "application:" works fine.  

I'll go through more when I have time.

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Updated by Francois Lionet about 3 years ago

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All fixed! Can you continue after "D"? ;)


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