Bug #520

Several Bob problems

Added by Brian Flanagan over 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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  1. Get Bob appears to get the Bob starting at the wrong origin. (offset by 1 pixel x and y)
  2. Get Bob appears to get the Bob in the wrong size. (appears to be about 3 pixels off x and y)
  3. In Amiga mode, Get Bob is getting an anti-aliased image, but shouldn't be. (Bob should look identical to original.)
  4. Bob appears to draw the bob in the wrong place offset down and right by 1 px. (Is it possible that the Hot Spot origin is off too?)

Similar problems exist in BOTH Amiga and AOZ modes. (See example below)

#manifest: "amiga"
    Bob size & origin issue (RC3)
    Bob also may be placing the Bob offset by 1 pixel X & Y.
    In Amiga mode, Get Bob is anti-aliased.
    (I scaled the display up to make it easier to see the problems.)

    The same problem exists in AOZ moe.
Screen Open 0,800,600,32,Lowres
Screen Scale 5,5
cls 0 : Flash Off : Curs Off
// Draw an 11 x 11 pixel box with an X in it.
Ink 1
Draw 10,10 to 20,20
Draw 10,20 to 20,10
Polyline 10,10 To 20,10 To 20,20 To 10,20 To 10,10

Get Bob 1,10,10 To 20,20 // Get the exact thing that was drawn as a Bob.
Bob 1,30,10,1    // The bob's origin is off by 1 px down and right, and size is off by 3 px x and y.
Wait Key
Get Bob 2,9,9 To 22,22 // I had to move the origin back a pixel (x and y), and increase the size by 3 (x and y)to get the whole box.
Bob 2,50,10,2    // The Bob is drawn 1 pixel down and right from where it should be.
Wait Key
Bob 1,29,9,1    // The bob is restored to where it should be (offset by 1 pixel left and up)
Bob 2,49,9,2    // The bob is restored to where it should be (offset by 1 pixel left and up)
        // Perhaps the Hot Spot is is the wrong place?

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