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08:51 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #967 (Resolved): KEYS: as a label will stop AOZ from working
Having a label called KEYS: in a program and AOZ will not build new version in either Viewer or browser.
It will ju...
Alex Vac


03:02 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #928 (Resolved): More bob MOVE problems
BOB MOVE still has some bugs and does not function 100% properly.
Example 1
The bob does not go back to starting ...
Alex Vac


02:49 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #897 (Resolved): Sprite Anim - Anim on restarts old animations

Anim starts over for old animations on screen when ANIM ON is used.
In the example below sprite 1 repeats its ani...
Alex Vac


08:42 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #889 (Resolved): Wait Input - Doesn't work with 0 (zero) key.

"WAIT INPUT" should react to any input press on the Keyboard. ( as well as mouse or joystick.)
But it doesn't wo...
Alex Vac


10:27 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #887 (Resolved): Bob/Sprite Limit not working
BOB limit runs without errors but does nothing in program.
SPRITE limit gives out an error and the program doesn't r...
Alex Vac


02:53 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #878 (Resolved): Sprite Move - Wrong movement
Sometimes Sprite MOVE doesn't move according to the code entered.
In the example below both sprites continue moving...
Alex Vac


11:49 AM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #877 (Resolved): Sprite Move - Move On glitch
Adding several MOVE ON causes sprites to ignore SPRITE OFF and MOVE OFF.
The sprites remember past commands resulti...
Alex Vac


04:51 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #876 (Resolved): Sprite Move X - Doesn't work without Move Y

Sprite MOVE X only works if activated by also using MOVE Y.
sprite 1,100,100,1 : move x 1,"(1,1,50)...
Alex Vac
04:17 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #875 (Resolved): Sprite Anim on - Loop always on
Sprite Animation loop is always ON, even if no L is added.
anim 1,"(1,10)(2,10)" : anim on
Alex Vac
04:12 PM AOZ Studio Beta Bug #874 (Resolved): Sprite Anim on - Doesn't work without Move on
Sprite (or bob) ANIM ON does not work on its own. Needs to be "activated" by a MOVE line.
sprite 1,100...
Alex Vac

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