Bug #976

If Exist cmd not working correctly always saying true whether exists or not

Added by malcolm harvey 12 months ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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From both examples below..problem now using the If Exists cmd

B) The bug of first time no exist (false) and secondtime it does exist (true).
A) The bug always (true) in the latest version whether exists or not.
It should work either way correctly in reality.
eg: In the original web live version and previous to that all versions if using just the below a) ver it should work like this. It does not need to open a file first to test, because the if exist does this for you in one go.
a) //eg: What Brians, Paul & I have always used, (again which again all worked previously ok).
If Exist ("mystupiderfile.txt")
Print "yes" //do this true exists
Print "no" //no not exist.
End If
b) //eg:Laurant's example
Open Out 1, Filename$
If Exist (Filename$) = False Then Print "do not exist" // test if the file already exist
Print "exist"
Close 1
//His notes: If you use a file name for first time will say not exist, second time will say it exist


Updated by malcolm harvey 12 months ago

Strange indeed, this issue seams to have corrected itself using same code after windows updates and also browser updates to ver 108.x today in the aoz edu version anyways.
Says now, no as it should as file does not exist.
I will retest again with later betaoz channel update, and see if still fixed to confirm and if so, then close ticket.


Updated by malcolm harvey 11 months ago

It seams to still exist this bug, saying file always exists in browser regardless of whether its there or not.
Leaving ticket open.


Updated by malcolm harvey 11 months ago

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Updated by malcolm harvey 11 months ago

Same problem in V1.0 U33.


Updated by malcolm harvey 11 months ago

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The fix or solution for this is to use an = true after the exist() function.
Something changed in recent version now that require this.
If Exist("mystupiderfile.txt") = True
Print "yes" //do this true exists
Print "no" //no not exist.
End If

Closed ticket.

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