Bug #871

Need to double check the below and update or correct (Linux(Ubuntu)).

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Read down from here below link (In release share about channel).
Yes, this has happened twice for two different users with ubuntu installs.
I did think this was now corrected for a) & b) need to double check and also
there seams to be for slashes and backward slashes when extracting.aozip files.


ubuntu install.png (71.7 KB) ubuntu install.png malcolm harvey, 11/28/2021 09:17 PM
ubuntu aozip.png (197 KB) ubuntu aozip.png malcolm harvey, 11/28/2021 09:17 PM

Updated by malcolm harvey about 2 years ago

The issues themselves.
re: (linux ubuntu) install....
Installer error on Ubuntu (21.10).
Can't find user folder (???). It creates a dir on /home/user/AOZ_Studio but stuck there.
if self.userFolder == "":
messagebox.showerror( "Oops!", "Unable to find the User folder. The installation programm will stop." )
exit( 0 )

re: (aozip) extraction...
This was noted as well that was found useful when extracting .aozip files (ubuntu) which are saved packed up aoz zip files.
7z rn .aozip $(7z l .aozip | grep '' | awk '{ print $6, gensub(//, "/", "g", $6); }' | paste -s)


Updated by malcolm harvey 10 months ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed
  • Affected version changed from 1.0.0 (B11) u17 to 1.0 (u38)

Ill close this now as my last test was successful now. Did not get stuck jammy jellyfish 22.04+ (Ubuntu).
Ill reopen in the future if this re-occurs.

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