Bug #867

Set Interval procedure routine jumpy problem in previewer

Added by malcolm harvey over 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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I have discovered that there is a bug with Set Interval in the previewer.
If you have set a Set Interval previously before say your main do loop routine and then as above, you might gosub from your main loop or from a sub loop of a gosub, to a routine that then wait for a mouse click before exiting back to the main loop, the Interval procedure routine starts getting intermittent not smooth.
For example, a custom mouse moving sprite will become jumpy and clock hands become randomly jumpy which are all in the Set Interval procedure not keeping up as per normally previously set.
I also have done a del or turn of set interval and restarted it in the gosub routine as well that is checking the mouse and waiting for click and no difference. But, Ive also found now, if you run again this same thing in a Fullscreen browser all is fine and continues to go smooth after exiting the gosub loop in question, so yes a quirk in the previewer with this somehow.

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