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Input is clearing the keyboard buffer

Added by Paul Kitching almost 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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In AMOS you could type or use Put Key before an input line appears and the keyboard buffer would then receive the key presses. In AOZ the input line is now always empty.

print "press a key"
wait key
print"type something quickly before the input line appears"
for x=1 to 120
    wait vbl
next x
input a$
Actions #1

Updated by Brian Flanagan almost 3 years ago

Verified this is a problem. 9/19 version.

I wonder if it's just not really buffering anything?
It may be the same reason why Put Key will only put a single character (the last one) no matter how large of a string you send. (There's already another ticket for that issue.)

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Updated by Francois Lionet over 2 years ago

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I cannot correct that in a simple way with modern machines: this would imply having an internal keyboard buffer... Keys handling is very different in Javascript.
Is that such a big problem?

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Updated by Brian Flanagan over 2 years ago

Yes it is a big problem, since keypresses can be lost, and it makes it impossible to implement macros, and the Put Key instruction.

A keyboard buffer in JavaScript is easier than you think.
Maybe when I have time I'll give it a shot...


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