Bug #604

When auto-complete is turned off, the Editor will not allow a cursor up or down when typing, and at the end of a word.

Added by Brian Flanagan about 3 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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For example: Make sure you have auto-complete UN-checked in the settings.
Then try typing the following in the editor:


Do not hit a space after typing the p. Just try cursor up or down. It will not work until you type a space, or cursor left or right, etc.
Once you have taken it out of word typing mode this releases the "lock" from up or down.
My guess is it that it has to do with the still partially functioning auto-complete, which would normally use cursor up or down to scroll through the suggestions. (It's still trying to.)


Auto-complete Setting is Off.png (21.9 KB) Auto-complete Setting is Off.png Auto-complete is turned OFF. Brian Flanagan, 03/27/2021 05:07 AM
Came up with Auto-Complete Off.png (23.5 KB) Came up with Auto-Complete Off.png ...but it is still running!!! Brian Flanagan, 03/27/2021 05:07 AM

Updated by Brian Flanagan over 2 years ago

Re-tested in 1.0.0 (B6a)
This is still a problem... and EXTREMELY annoying!

See screen shots for example. (Note that your results will depend on what you've typed previously.)
(Note also that it should NOT have matched anyway, as it is matching the characters at different places in the string!!!)
NOTHING should match, since auto-complete is OFF!!!

If this is coming from the "help", then I'd like a way to turn off the help... or the help needs to be fixed!


Updated by Brian Flanagan about 2 years ago

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Re-tested in 1.0.0 (B10) u16 (21 Oct 2021)

Working now. Thanks to whoever fixed this. :-)

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