Bug #538

AMAL demos 1-7 are better, but still have problems. Issues from AMAL, Rainbow, Double Buffer.

Added by Brian Flanagan almost 3 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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Although the 7 AMAL demos from the AMOSPro_Tutorial disk still have problems.

AMAL_1: AMAL animation stops when program ends.
AMAL_2: Missile launchers appear in the wrong position (too low - below ground).
AMAL_3: Black border around sprites is too thin. Fill not working. Background color is wrong.
AMAL_4: Star pattern working, but rainbows are totally screwed up.
AMAL_5: Ship animation working, but other objects are stuck at top of screen going left & right only.
AMAL_6: Background color wrong. If I fix the background color, some objects appear transparent. My guess is that double buffering isn't working correctly with Cls, and the transparency isn't set right one one of the screens.
AMAL_7: All sprites/bobs are missing black borders. Missile launcher and guano appear at wrong place vertically. (too low). Screen border (overscan area) color is wrong.


Updated by Brian Flanagan almost 3 years ago

On AMAL_3, I'm guessing the border issue has to do with missing black. I'm guessing that what little black shows is just the anti-aliased portion, so not true black.

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