Bug #325

Functions with floating point results lock up AOZ. Also, Integer functions return floating point results!

Added by Brian Flanagan about 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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No error displays, but AOZ locks up.
You can't even break out with Ctrl-C!

Example 1:

' This fails
Function "mult#", _num1#, _num2#
End Function ( _num1# * _num2# )

Result is that AOZ locks up at black screen. Can't break out.

Example 2: (Even the simplest floating point function will fail at runtime.)

' Return self
Function "slf#", _num#
End Function ( _num# )

Example 3:

' This integer function works (but gets wrong result)
Function "mult", _num1#, _num2#
End Function ( _num1# * _num2# )

Result: (What the floating point function SHOULD have returned!)


Result SHOULD be:


Perhaps something is reversed between the integer and floating point results?


Updated by Francois Lionet about 4 years ago

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There were problems in Functions written in Basic, AND for the moment (I can correct this but it needs a bit of work), you CANNOT use # in the name of a function: the transpiler thinks that you are using an array and generates an "Array not dimensioned" error...

THIS works now:

Print slf( 2.2 )
Wait key

Function "slf", _num#
End Function ( _num# )


Updated by Brian Flanagan almost 4 years ago

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re-tested in Test 2 Yes, the example you gave works, but I have questions:

  1. Are you planning on making the # work for floating point functions in the future?

  2. Wouldn't your (temporary?) solution cause a problem if you want to define a function with Integer results?
    I realize I could always just use:

End Function(Int(result)) work-around , but for consistency, shouldn't we let the function's type define the results?


Updated by Brian Flanagan almost 4 years ago

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Re-tested in Problems still exist.


Updated by Brian Flanagan over 3 years ago

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Re-tested in
Although it no longer locks up AOZ, it still gets the non-dimensioned array error.

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