Bug #173

Flash doesn't work. Neither the default, nor explicitly defined flashing sequence.

Added by Brian Flanagan over 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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4:00 h
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The Flash command compiles, but doesn't work. Explicitly defined flashing sequences aren't working, nor is the default flashing sequence for color index 3... although the text cursor does appear to flash using the default sequence.

Example #1: The following code should produce vertical color bars across the display. The 4th bar shows up as white, but it should be using the default flashing colors.

#manifest: "amiga"
#speed: "safe"

Screen Open 0,320,200,32,Lowres
Palette $000,$888,$CCC,$FFF, $004,$008,$00C,$00F, $040,$080,$0C0,$0F0, $400,$800,$C00,$F00, $440,$880,$CC0,$FF0, $044,$088,$0CC,$0FF, $404,$808,$C0C,$F0F, $F70,$0F7,$70F,$7F0

For C=0 To 31
Ink C,,3 : Bar C*10,0 To C*10+9,199
Next C

Example #2: In this example, the default flashing color should flash as well as the several other flashing color sequences which have been explicitly defined, with different colors and delays, but they all appear as solid colors.

#manifest: "amiga"
#speed: "safe"

screen open 0,320,200,32,lowres
palette $fff,$ccc,$888,$000, $f00,$c00,$800,$400, $0f0,$0c0,$080,$040, $00f,$00c,$008,$004, $ff0,$cc0,$880,$440, $0ff,$0cc,$088,$044, $f0f,$c0c,$808,$404, $f70,$0f7,$f07,$70f

Flash 0,"(F00,50)(0FF,50)"
Flash 7,"(0F0,25)(F0F,25"
Flash 11,"(00F,12)(FF0,12)"
Flash 15,"(F00,5)(C00,5)(900,5)(500,5)(000,20)(500,5)(900,5)(C00,5)"
For c=0 to 31
ink c : bar c*10,0 to c*10+9,199
next c
Wait Key

Updated by Brian Flanagan about 4 years ago

  • Affected version changed from 0.9.4 to

Still broken in


Updated by Brian Flanagan over 3 years ago

  • Affected version changed from to Beta RC2

Still broken in Beta RC2.


Updated by Brian Flanagan over 3 years ago

  • Estimated time set to 4:00 h
  • Affected version changed from Beta RC2 to Beta RC3

Still broken in RC3.

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