Bug #1070

Wont execute after transpile MAC in browser if .iff files are in application folders

Added by malcolm harvey 2 months ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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(Amiga manifest). (Mac).
If you have a picture filename.png and also the same name filename.iff in either your filesystem/application folder or assets folder, aoz will run the transpiler, but at the end it will stop and just bring up a blank message window.
It wont go onto to execute and run the full screen browser.
Also, even though you may have selected your picture in your code, using load image "gameinventory.png",2 etc, just the fact that the same filename.iff was in there in the same folder, it stops executing to bring up the browser at the end and run. Again, but if you delete all the .iff files in your filesystem/application folder and also the assets folder it will run. Just leave the .png files alone in there, then it will execute.
So yes some issue with the .iff files in there as well. Should not be.


Updated by malcolm harvey 2 months ago

This could also be related and caused by the same thing as 1074.


Updated by malcolm harvey 2 months ago

Ticket 1074 rather.


Updated by malcolm harvey 2 months ago

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Updated by malcolm harvey about 2 months ago

Also at this point, even with just .iff files in the filesystem/application folder in amiga manifest mode, on a pc windows, the instr is working eg:, load iff "",0 but currently using the Mac OS, using that instr now, causes it to just stop after transpiring with a blank message window poping up at end. Again only on the Mac.


Updated by malcolm harvey about 1 month ago

Another oddity, interestingly I had to change only on the mac client version,
eg: using load iff "gameinventory.iff",2 will only work now on windows not the mac version for amiga manifest anyways. It also does not like, load image "gameinventory.iff",2
All you get is it stops at the end of the transpile with a blank message window.
But if you then change this to load image "gameinventory.png",2 it will run fine in the mac browsers ok.
So seams version 38/39 had this same issue only on the mac the windows ver u38/39 runs load iff "gameinventory.iff",2 ok.
So some issue with the load iff and also the .iff file format again only on Mac in U39 now anyways.

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