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New installer adds history I don't recogize. Loses my workspace.

Added by Brian Flanagan over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Previously after installing a new version, AOZ would open up with the new doc file, and I would still have my workspace.

After installing, it instead opens to the "Bookmarks" page. No workcspace appears in the Explorer. Also, when I go to the History, I don't see my workspace there. Instead I see what appears to be someone else's history... so I have to manually locate my most recent workspace. See attached images.


Unknown_History.png (260 KB) Unknown_History.png Someone else's history. Brian Flanagan, 02/03/2020 02:20 PM
New_0_9_3_2_installer.PNG (44.4 KB) New_0_9_3_2_installer.PNG Opens to bookmarks with no workspace. Brian Flanagan, 02/03/2020 02:22 PM
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Updated by Brian Flanagan over 4 years ago

Sorry, I meant to attach this image too.

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Updated by Truls Osmundsen over 4 years ago

And it overwrites the changes to visual studio you have done as well. But thats the perks of being a betatester I guess :)

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Updated by Brian Flanagan over 4 years ago

After reading some more of the notes provided, I determined that after installing you need to close AOZ, and re-open in order to restore the workspace... at least it's working that way with version 0.9.5. So, there is at least a work-around for that portion of this item.

I'm not sure about the unknown history, since I opened a bunch of stuff before I got back to this again.

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Updated by Francois Lionet over 4 years ago

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Will switch to Atom, it will solve everything...


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