Bug #1044


Debugger bugs and additions etc. Need correcting.

Added by malcolm harvey over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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Issues with the debugger.
1) If using an actor with background scrolling left (see picture (grid with scrolling actor backgrounds), the picture scrolls and is maintained inside the preview box, but the grid continues on and outside of the boundries.
2) Only really works correctly on the default 1920x1080, It is not resetting the display width and height if custom, when toggling views in the debugger in other custom sizes. Here below you can see what happends with another custom size...
screenshot a) Default 960,600 ok.
Next the debugger large preview..
screenshot b) Large preview running in debugger ok.
screenshot c) Now we have clicking debugger icon, to get it back to full screen preview. No good.
Should be like a.png above, but ends up now like, c.png (All squished up vertically).
screenshot d) Now when click debugger icon again, it comes back to debugger windows, but then
from now on the preview is permanently stuck with the wrong size not b.png again.
Again other applications don't do this that only stick to 1920x1080. (They are ok).
Here is a stock one below. (1920x1080) a screenshot, no modify display width/height.
Then click debugger button, screenshot next. (1920x1080) b screenshot.
Then now back to normal clicking debugger button it again. (1920x1080) c screenshot Works correctly.
3)The scrollbars in the windows, do not let you click+hold mouse down and drag.
You have to currently try and click under or above each scrollbar pot to make them move up or down.
Also..if you click to the right of the program listing scrollbar (the one across the bottom) you can't get back to the left unless you click in the listing and hold left cursor for ages until it scrolls one character at a time.
This effects the (Source code/Variables & also the Stack window).
4)At times, when you're doing the STEP mode, it doesn't step into the other section of code. It does un-highlight it was on, but you don't see the current one. If you step again, the cursor will come back, highlighting the next line.
5) Can we get the the debugger be able to follow the code on an include file as well as the main code, this would be good.?
6) Could we make it so the debugger will follow the source code when running in "Slow motion" mode?... or at least make it an option?
7) The debugger help windows, eh well this is not complete in the debugger at all. (See debuggerhelp screenshot).
Screenshots missing and also main doc linking button currently not implemented. Also debugger usage/insts etc is not actually in the new help system.


grid with scrolling actor backgrounds.png (324 KB) grid with scrolling actor backgrounds.png malcolm harvey, 01/06/2023 09:49 PM
960x600 a debugger.png (207 KB) 960x600 a debugger.png malcolm harvey, 01/06/2023 09:59 PM
960x600 b debugger.png (245 KB) 960x600 b debugger.png malcolm harvey, 01/06/2023 09:59 PM
960x600 c debugger.png (188 KB) 960x600 c debugger.png malcolm harvey, 01/06/2023 09:59 PM
960x600 d debugger.png (240 KB) 960x600 d debugger.png malcolm harvey, 01/06/2023 10:00 PM
1920 x1080 a debugger.png (166 KB) 1920 x1080 a debugger.png malcolm harvey, 01/06/2023 10:03 PM
1920 x1080 b debugger.png (173 KB) 1920 x1080 b debugger.png malcolm harvey, 01/06/2023 10:03 PM
1920 x1080 c debugger.png (170 KB) 1920 x1080 c debugger.png malcolm harvey, 01/06/2023 10:03 PM
debuggerhelp.png (136 KB) debuggerhelp.png malcolm harvey, 01/06/2023 10:18 PM

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