Bug #955

Updated by Baptiste Pillot over 1 year ago

When my app waits for a key input without animation, even when my program has ended and I keep my window opened : the app consumes too many CPU. But it should consume nothing. 
 The effect is immediate on my laptop which fan make a lot of noise when the CPU works. It's probably less visibles with a lot of computers, but we see it well with CPU monitoring. 
 Let's benchmark it ! 

 A web page opened, but no AOZ app : 


 My AOZ app, which does nothing (UI waiting for keyboard, Curs Off), still opened : 


 My AOZ app, which does nothing (ended), still opened : 

 ![](clipboard-202211261831-fdyva.png) ![](clipboard-202211261830-3gtce.png) 

 There is probably something to do to save the planet being more green with it. 
 If I program still apps, I don't want it to empty my users battery cells that fast.