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Imported AMOS game causes error "Invalid string length" developer tools

Added by Jason Wroe over 3 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Imported AMOS game causes error "Invalid string length" in rutilities.js L:640 developer tools.

Suspect this is related to AMAL errors but I havent been able to track it down.


fatalBLOW_invalid_StrING_Length.aozip.aozip (431 KB) fatalBLOW_invalid_StrING_Length.aozip.aozip Jason Wroe, 11/21/2020 05:58 PM
MyTest1.aozip (4.57 MB) MyTest1.aozip malcolm harvey, 07/19/2022 10:52 PM
bank_not_reserved error.png (19.8 KB) bank_not_reserved error.png malcolm harvey, 07/19/2022 10:53 PM
anim_channel_err.png (20.2 KB) anim_channel_err.png malcolm harvey, 07/19/2022 10:53 PM
FatalBlow.aozip (4.57 MB) FatalBlow.aozip malcolm harvey, 07/20/2022 11:00 PM
My Application Amiga 1.aozip (4.57 MB) My Application Amiga 1.aozip malcolm harvey, 07/22/2022 11:53 PM
Fatalblow.aozip (4.34 MB) Fatalblow.aozip Last updated version 5/8/22 7:48am. malcolm harvey, 08/04/2022 09:56 PM

Updated by malcolm harvey over 1 year ago

Ok Ive updated the file so it will partially run. See the updated code and comments at line 136 and line 142.
Ive also included the screen shots of the errors if you uncomment out the lines or let them run 136 and 139.
If you comment out the line 136 then you will get the animation channel error.
Im not sure in this case the bank 4 can be used and it seams not to be reserved also and also the Channel cmd or assigning of them in this case may not be working with the below routine...
For Z=1 To 9
Channel Z To Bob Z
Is Channel implemented? Does not show up in the ide help as yet under Amiga AMAL for use, still could be tho?


Updated by malcolm harvey over 1 year ago

Current settings as far as I know should work for AMAL in aoz.
From what I can see 4 is still for AMAL as it should be.?
// Automatically reserved by aoz //
// 1:- Sprites: Sprite or Bob images //
// 2:- Icons: Icon images //
// 3:- Music: Melodies //
// 4:- AMAL: AMAL progs. and PL table //
// 5:- Samples: audio samples //
// --------------------------------------//
Also correction above, Im not sure in this case the sam bank 4 can be used and it seams not to be reserved either?
The latest file is blow for testing..


Updated by malcolm harvey over 1 year ago

ha ha, slight update, must be too early, sam bank 4 does seam to be working and getting past it. (Assigning ok).
I got that mixed up with the AMAL 4 stuff.
Assuming this is working and getting past (Sam bank 4) in the FatalBlow.aozip above for you then ignore that one and just check the channel cmd error which is halting it to continuing.


Updated by malcolm harvey over 1 year ago

Just enable the Sam bank 4 again in the code again at line 132 when testing. (Seams ok from this end).


Updated by malcolm harvey over 1 year ago

Latest update: I can confirm that the Channel cmd eg: Channel 1 to bob 1 for example does work.
Dave is using it in Crunchman Reloaded and thats also using Channel cmds and AMAL etc, so it must be something in the FatalBlow.aozip code.
Note: The Channel cmd is not currently in the aoz ide help tree under AMAL (it needs to be added there) and also if you put the cursor over Channel in the ide and hit F5, the mini help f5 windows brings up a window with no Channel help in it, this need also to be added there. (Todo).


Updated by malcolm harvey over 1 year ago

Also if you let the sam bank 4 and the channel assign loop z=1-9 run, it does get also past this in the fatalblow.aozip code but then stops on an odd line number further down which is where its complaining about animation channel error not opened etc.


Updated by malcolm harvey over 1 year ago

Ok current update again on this file, this version has more stripped out rubbish char in the code.
Better to test this version I think. Filename "My Application Amiga 1.aozip"
Again Ive disabled the Sam bank 4 cmd assign to get past it (Still claims again not reserved) so you can see the Animation channel error further down or where it stops. Again this might have code in it that is not 100% to aoz (AMOS) not sure. Im still trying to find this issue outside in testing.
Line 323 Says animation channel not opened. They certainly should have been in the line 145 loop setting up 9 channels from what i can see, unless there is again something else it needs to do to get those channels open.


Updated by malcolm harvey over 1 year ago

Im doing a mini series now in amiga channel to test these style of instructions etc.
Hopefully I can see if there is any differences between AMOS AMAL and AOZ AMAL if any.


Updated by malcolm harvey over 1 year ago

Ive updated the fatalblow code again here, 5/8/22 7:48am.
This one runs now at least to the main (procedure) where you can press the P key to toggle pause, so we know its getting and working now in the main procedure at least.
As far as the program working etc, it obviously has some issues there but maybe this might help jason or francois when he has a moment to find the issue now when the new debugger comes in soon from francois.
Note: Once you get past the two freeze print statments 1 & 2, your in. Again P to pause and Q to quit. (working).
The two bobs there were just for testing.

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